Best Villages to Live in Malaga: The Definitive Guide

Mejores Pueblos para Vivir en Málaga

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Looking for the best place to live in Spain? Malaga was named as the best city in the world to do so in 2024, and no wonder. Malaga is known for its famous Costa del Sol due to its coastal towns and charming villages, being the jewel in the crown of southern Spain. Offering a unique blend of culture, history, and a relaxed lifestyle, Malaga invites you to explore its villages, each with its own identity and charm. At Edward Estate, with more than 8 years leading the real estate sector on the Costa del Sol, we know every corner of this region to perfection. This article is your gateway to finding the perfect Malaga village to call home.

Discover the charms of living in the villages of Malaga

The province of Malaga, with its unique blend of culture, history and natural landscapes, offers a mosaic of villages that promise an exceptional quality of life. From the tranquillity of its white villages to the vibrant rhythm of its coastline, there is a perfect place for every dream. Join us on this tour of the best villages in Malaga to live in.

Frigiliana: The Hidden Jewel of the Costa del S

Recognised as one of the best villages to live in and one of the most beautiful in Spain and the world according to prestigious travel media such as Travel and Leisure, Forbes o National Geographic, Frigiliana is a living canvas of cobbled streets and whitewashed houses reflecting the Andalusian sun. This corner of the Costa del Sol seduces with its views of the Mediterranean, its avocado and mango orchards, and its peaceful atmosphere that invites you to enjoy every day.

Frigiliana is the ideal place on the Costa del Sol to live quietly and appreciate the beauty of southern Spain, being a village that breathes Andalusian culture, tranquillity, sun and a great architectural beauty that invites you to stay and live there. From Edward Estate we advise you as a real estate agency in Frigiliana expert in the sector, being the No. 1 in the real estate market in the area.

Nerja: The balcony of the Costa del Sol

Nerja, with its spectacular beaches and the famous Balcón de Europa, offers a perfect balance between natural beauty and cultural richness. This seaside town attracts those seeking the serenity of the sea and a vibrant community life, with its many caves, festivals and local cuisine promising new adventures every day.

Mijas: Refuge between the Sea and the Mountains

In Mijas, tradition meets modernity in perfect harmony. This village offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life without sacrificing comfort. With its panoramic views of the Mediterranean, world-class golf courses and its famous donkey-taxi, Mijas is the ideal place for those seeking tranquillity with a touch of uniqueness.

Ronda: Living History

Ronda fascinates with its famous New Bridge and its deep history dating back to Roman and Arabic times. This village is a sanctuary for history and nature lovers, offering landscapes of mountains and valleys that have inspired poets and painters for centuries.

Torrox: Perfect Weather All Year Round

Torrox, known for having the best climate in Europe, is the ideal destination for those who wish to enjoy mild temperatures all year round. Its quiet beaches and delicious gastronomy make Torrox the perfect place for a relaxed and healthy life.

Antequera: Crossing Stories

Antequera is a treasure of Andalusia with a rich cultural heritage ranging from prehistoric dolmens to baroque churches. Its central position in Andalusia makes it strategic for exploring the region, making it an ideal place for those who love history and adventure.

Fuengirola: Cosmopolitan and Family Friendly

Fuengirola combines the best of a holiday destination with the charm of a permanent home. With its long promenade, Moorish castle, and year-round cultural events, Fuengirola is perfect for families and expatriates looking for a dynamic and multicultural environment.

Benalmádena: Between the Sky and the Sea

Benalmadena, with its stunning sea views, renowned marina and theme parks, is a place where fun and relaxation go hand in hand. This village offers an unrivalled quality of life for those who wish to combine the tranquillity of the Costa del Sol with accessibility and entertainment.

The Magic of Living in Malaga and its Costa del Sol

Regardless of the place you choose to live in Malaga, you’ll be sure to get it right because of its location:

  • Incomparable climate: More than 300 days of sunshine a year.
  • Quality of life: Tranquillity, security and a rich cultural and gastronomic offer.
  • Connections: Excellent connectivity with the rest of Europe and high quality services.
  • Diverse community: A vibrant mix of cultures enriches social life.
  • Diverse community: A vibrant mix of cultures enriches social life.
  • Secure investment: A robust real estate market that promises solid returns.

On the Costa del Sol, finding your ideal place can be easier than you think if you know what you are looking for and have knowledge of the furniture industry in the area. With one of the most desirable real estate offers in Spain and Europe, Malaga awaits you with options to suit every lifestyle. Knowing what the market has to offer is key to making a good decision. Knowing what the market has to offer is key to making a good decision. Let us help you find your property on the Costa del Sol and start enjoying all that Malaga and its villages have to offer.


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