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playas cerca de frigiliana

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Frigiliana, the picturesque whitewashed village nestled on the Costa del Sol, is known for its traditional charm and narrow cobbled streets. However, its wonders are not limited to the mainland, as it is surrounded by spectacular beaches that will delight sun and sea lovers. Here we will discover the best beaches near Frigiliana, offering an oasis of tranquility, natural beauty and fun for all tastes;

The best beaches near Frigiliana

Playa de Burriana

Only 5 kilometers from Frigiliana, is the dazzling Burriana Beach, in Nerja. With its fine golden sand and crystal clear waters, it is possibly one of the most popular beaches in the region. Its shallow waters are ideal for swimming and snorkeling, while the more adventurous can practice water activities such as paddle surfing or kayaking. It includes all the necessary services: rental of sun loungers and umbrellas, beach bars and restaurants to eat along the promenade.

Beach of Maro

The stunning beach of Maro is a hidden gem of nature, and is only a few minutes drive from Frigiliana. Surrounded by lush vegetation and towering cliffs, this beach will transport you to a natural paradise. Its clear and refreshing waters are perfect for diving and exploring its fascinating caves. If you are looking for tranquility and privacy, Maro is the perfect destination to enjoy a day in communion with nature.

Cala del Cañuelo

For divers of authentic experiences, the Cala del Cañuelo, about 20 minutes drive from the village, is an irresistible option. This small and charming cove is located in a practically virgin natural environment, surrounded by cliffs and crystal clear waters. Of course, being a beach without tourist services, be sure to bring everything you need to enjoy this haven of peace.

Playa del Playazo

Located in Nerja, a few minutes drive from Frigiliana, Playa del Playazo offers a more relaxed and quiet atmosphere. With approximately 1.5 kilometers of extension, this beach offers plenty of space to find your ideal spot under the sun. Ideal for long walks by the sea, this beach is the perfect place to contemplate the stunning sunsets that Malaga offers.

Playa de las Alberquillas

Hidden between cliffs and rocks, this beach is a true hidden paradise. Although getting here may require a hike, it is well worth the effort when you discover its beauty and tranquil atmosphere. With no tourist services around, this beach offers the opportunity to connect with nature and enjoy a serene and more private environment.

Playa de Cantarriján

For those looking for a nudist experience, Cantarriján Beach is the place to be. Located near Almuñécar, this beach is half an hour’s drive from Frigiliana and is famous for its natural beauty and liberal atmosphere. Surrounded by hills and cliffs, this beach is a corner of tranquility where visitors can enjoy the sun and the sea in a free and relaxed way.

Playa de la Herradura

One of the best beaches near Frigiliana only about 30 minutes by car, Playa de la Herradura is a charming place that combines the atmosphere of an old fishing village with a quiet family beach. With its natural horseshoe shape, protected by hills, this site offers calm and warm waters ideal for swimming and water sports. In addition, its promenade is home to a wide selection of bars and restaurants where you can enjoy a delicious meal overlooking the sea.

Playa de la Torrecilla

beaches near frigiliana

Those who are looking for a family beach with all the amenities, one of the best options is Playa de la Torrecilla, in Nerja. With fine sand and shallow waters, it is ideal for families with small children. It also has sun lounger and umbrella rental services, showers, beach bars and a wide range of water activities;

Cala del Pino

La Cala del Pino, about 40 minutes from Frigiliana, is a hidden treasure of nature. Located in a protected environment, this small cove invites you to enjoy crystal clear and calm waters.

Playa de Molino de Papel

Located at the mouth of the Chilar River, this beach will captivate you with its charm and tranquility. It is perfect to relax and enjoy the sea and nature. Of course, its access can be through a walk along the river, which makes it a unique and rewarding experience.

Frigiliana and its surroundings are home to some of the best beaches on the Costa del Sol, offering options for all tastes. From fine sandy beaches with all the tourist services to virgin coves surrounded by nature, this corner of Andalusia has a special essence for travelers. If you would like to get your dream home close to these beaches at Edwards estate we make it possible.

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