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Commitment to Frigiliana

At Edwards Estates we are committed to the promotion of Frigiliana, as it is
a truly beautiful village located along with the eastern part of the Costa del Sol – so much so, it is often named in the annual list of the top 10 of Spain’s most beautiful villages list.

We openly encourage our clients to investigate the wonders that Frigiliana has to offer by exploring this beautiful corner of southern Spain.

Leading real estate Frigiliana Spain

Edwards Estates is the leading real estate Frigiliana Spain with more than 10 years of experience in the area and an office in the historical quarter of the village. We offer services for the sale and rental of property in the municipality.

Discover Frigiliana with us

Learn more about the village of “the 3 cultures” with a small guide to what you can see in Frigiliana.

You can visit the archaeological museum, the Reales Pósitos, El Ingenio where the Nuestra Señora del Carmen Cane Honey Factory is currently located, the Moorish neighborhood (one of the best places to visit in  Frigiliana) and finally the viewpoint of Santo Cristo Street.

We Love Frigiliana - See what it can offer you.