The tastes and smells of Frigiliana

Sunday April 30th 2017 will be a busy day in Frigiliana.

The 4th annual Día de la Miel de Caña will take place in the viilage.

Now established as a very popular festival, it attracts visitors from far and wide. 

It is the day when the historic sugar cane factory opens its doors to the public. The last such working mill in Spain, tours of the building allow visitors to see the famous honey being produced, to witness the machinery that was used in past years and to see historic pictures of how the factory and its workers looked when Frigiliana was a smaller village than it is now.

You'll see the sugar cane being chopped and be able to watch the process that results in the bottles of Frigiliana's most famous export, the Miel de Caña. A product that is sold worldwide. 

Free food that has the black honey as a central ingredient is available. Along with that there is much singing and dancing in the village.

Below you can watch a short video of the celebrations from 2016.

Later on Sunday you'll also be able to wander the streets and see the flower adorned crosses that make up the very traditional Cruces festival. Neighbours, shop and business owners get together to create spectacular floral displays.

The annual Cruces festival takes place all over Spain.

In Frigiliana there are crosses located throughout the newer and older parts of the village. There will be floral displays in our street, Calle Real, in the much photographed Calle Zacatin and up above in the older quarter of Frigiliana.

Come to Frigiliana on Sunday April 30th. Taste the honey. Smell the flowers. A combination to set the senses racing in this ever wonderful village.

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