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If you wish to rent your property on a long term basis, we can introduce you to clients that wish to rent properties in Frigiliana, Nerja, Maro and Torrox on a long term basis, whether it be for the winter period or all year round.

If you are renting out a property for the first time in Spain, please ensure that there is ample provision of sheets and linen and sufficient crockery and utensils in the kitchen, sanitary elements in bathrooms, and furniture for any terrace, including tables and chairs.

Here is our guide to renting your property long term.


        What is a Long Term Rental property?

  • This is a property which is available to rent for a minimum period of 11 months. In some individual cases a longer rental period can be agreed.


  • A property contract is drawn up and signed by both the property owners and the new tenants. It is a legally binding document.


        What does Edwards Estates do?

  • We advertise long term rental properties on behalf of the owners and act as an introductory service between the owner and potential tenants.


  • We will accompany you on rental property viewings and when you have found the correct property for you, we will liaise with the owner and will draw up a property contract between you and the owner which will be written in Spanish with an English translation.


  • We can offer advice on setting up bank accounts, obtaining your Spanish ID number (known as your NIE number) and can provide you with lots of local knowledge for other services that you may require such as doctors, insurance, bus services etc


        Things to Consider

  • The rental property market can move quite quickly and demand for property is strong all year around. However, the number of properties available to rent will diminish considerably during the peak summer months of June through to, and including September and this period of time is best avoided, if at all possible.


  • Ideally you should start to look for a long term property approximately 4 to 6 weeks before you would like a contract to commence and you are ready to move in. This is because the property owner will not hold a property without receiving any income, for any longer a period. This is mostly due to the demand that is in this popular area for rental property.


  • Utilities, such as electricity, water and butane gas are generally not included in the advertised rental price and would be an additional cost on top of any rental payment due.


  • If a rental property has a garden, terracing and/or a swimming pool area, it will be the responsibility of you, the tenant, for the tidiness & upkeep of these areas, unless otherwise stated within your signed rental contract.


        General Overview - What you need to know


  • The owner will require a rental property deposit to be paid. This is normally the equivalent to the monthly rental payment but in some cases, an owner may require a higher deposit. This is normally a non negotiable figure. The deposit is refundable to you at the end of the full term contract and after the owner has inspected the property.


  • You will be responsible for the property contents and furnishings and will need to maintain them to their original standard as at the commencement of the rental contract.


  • Some utilities (as mentioned previously) are payable every month, some bi-monthly and others quarterly.  You will need to confirm what utilities need to be paid for, how payment for utilities is to be calculated, and how payments for the utility costs are made.


  • Some properties have satellite TV already installed. if a property does not have satellite TV it MAY be possible for you to have it installed, provided that it is feasible and with the owners agreement. The cost of installation would be for the TENANTS unless pre-agreed with the owner for the owner to undertake the cost. The same will apply to internet installations/connections.


  • When a rental property is viewed, it is important to understand that you are viewing the property as it is likely to be rented out to you, certainly in regards of the furniture and furnishings. Owners are not obliged to provide any additional items or remove items ‘not required’ unless it has been pre arranged/agreed prior to signing of the rental contract.


  • Owners (mostly) manage their rental properties themselves which means that you, as the tenant would deal directly with the owner for all matters. If there is a difficulty with translation and communication, help can be given where appropriate, by Edwards Estates. Whilst very uncommon, should a legal issue arise with a tenancy, Edwards Estates can make recommendations for suitable legal support.


  • Payment of the rent and the utility bills can be made in several different ways to an owner. It is important for you to ask how payment is required by each owner prior to the signing of the rental property contract. For example, some owners will NOT receive bank transfers.


        What happens next?  (After you find a suitable rental property)


  • Once a suitable property has been found, you will pay a holding deposit to secure the property whilst contracts are drawn up and until the tenancy commences. This deposit will be NON REFUNDABLE. Contracts can be drawn up quite quickly following the receipt of all the relevant information which will include photo identification (ie: Passport)


  • When contracts have been completed, you will be asked to sign the contract and you will need to pay the first month rental payment at the same time. The rent is always paid monthly in advance. The owner of the rental property will also sign the contract. Once the tenancy commences the holding deposit becomes the breakage deposit held for the duration of the tenancy by the owner.


  • Contact details for both parties will be exchanged and on-going communication will then be direct between both parties. Edwards Estates can offer translation help where necessary and when appropriate to do so.

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