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Anyone living in Frigiliana will be accustomed to how often television camera crews visit the village. Recently the village mayor appeared on Spanish TV and the detailed programmed showed lots of pretty views of Frigiliana.

In recent years we've had numerous commercials filmed here, for anything ranging from tyres to wedding dresses. It is understandable. The village naturally lends itself to being an attractive backdrop for television.

And this coming Thursday, February 9th at 4pm, we are once again showing people houses on 'A Place in the Sun' on Channel 4. 

The programme includes a property we showed to would be buyers from Britain.

The demand for property in Spain has never stopped. True, there have been years when the demand has been greater than at other times. There have been so many fluctuations in the Spanish and British economy in recent years that buyers have been patient and chosen the right time to buy.

But we at Edwards Estates do not only sell homes to the British. Far from it. As anyone who lives in Frigiliana knows, this predominantly Spanish village welcomes people from all over the world. We have sold properties to people from America, Canada, Switzerland, Norway, Holland, Denmark, Germany, France and so on. The village retains its Spanish identity, very much so. But it also has a global feel to it.

That's why Frigiliana remains a popular location for 'A Place in the Sun' and other television programmes. The camera loves the place. As do we.

As, hopefully, will you. We have a wide range of homes for sale at a variety of prices. Something to suit all tastes and pockets. Take a look at our latest properties for sale in Frigiliana.

And don't forget, if you have access to UK television, watch 'A Place in the Sun' on Channel 4 on Thursday February 9th at 4pm UK time (5pm Spanish time).

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